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About Us

What is Clubhouse?

The Full Story

 Clubhouse Clothing was founded in late 2018, By Jeffrey Spekhardt.

The brand deals with a blend of casual and conditioning clothing, with a streetwear influence as well. From day one, Clubhouse has been more than the clothing. The brand stands for a community of togetherness, and was created to bring people together through the clothing with the welcoming name "Clubhouse"

Jeff started this brand with the reason of making a apparel company that everyone can come together to stand behind, be apart of the great culture, share the values, and join the club!

Jeff has a large vision for for the future of this company, and we all play a huge part in it, changing lives in the main goal, one shirt at a time.


"Clubhouse Clothing is tailored to people that live or are on the path to living a healthy lifestyle, mentally and physically. The name Clubhouse gives the brand an inviting and friendly feel to it, which quite honestly we all need in our lives".

"Knowing when someone is there for you when you need them, especially when you need to be lifted up is a great feeling. I try to implement that in this brand".

 - Jeffrey Spekhardt, Founder